UGC and Participation

       The two articles address the concept of user “participation” in media content production via two drastically different routes.  Whereas Jonsson & Ornebring (2011) situated their analytical approach to user-generated contents on a… Continue reading

Media Diary Day 7 Last but not Least

Finally, it’s the much anticipated weekend before holidays!  I felt myself refreshed again after a long sleep.  I pampered myself with a nice Chinese breakfast in bed: fried dumplings with sesame soup, absolutely… Continue reading

Media Diary Day 6

I started my day tuning into Phoenix networks on my laptop to get more news about the 18th CPC national congress.  But at that time, it happened that a talk show was on… Continue reading

Comments for the remix production

Media Diary Day 5 Big Day

Today is a big day for all Chinese people across the world.  A new generation of Chinese Communist party leadership was unveiled.  Press conferences were held for world media, including those from the… Continue reading

Media Diary Day 4

Today I decided to reward myself with a break from academics, since I really worked very hard in the last couple of days (gladly, the project went well).  So I started off by… Continue reading

Media Diary Day 3: Fragmentation

         Today I have an important discovery about social media: they can be really annoying.  Since Web 2.0 technologies allow people to stay connected almost 24/7 via multiple online social networking sites and… Continue reading

Media Diary Day 2: Turing into an online video predator

Ok, today is Veteran’s day.  I almost forgot this fact until I checked the RTS GPS app on my iphone: there’s no bus service today.  My original plan for the day was to… Continue reading

Media Diary Day 1 So embedded…(updated with Nigahiga’s video)

I thought I would grind my nose to my laptop all day long, typing away my time for academic projects, without too much use of media.  I though it wrong.  Two o’clock, Monday… Continue reading

Crowdsourcing: the Banana Man Project

       When I first came upon the idea of crowdsourcing for problem-solving, I was all excitement, because deep inside, I felt that collective intelligence empowered by information and computer technologies would lead to… Continue reading